Past Training Forum Presentations

Streamlining the Job Analysis Process

Notes from the group discussion can be downloaded here

“Fishing on Facebook: the Promise and Perils of Using Social Networking Sites for Selection”

Bryan Baldwin, California Department of Justice

Ricci v. DeStefano: 3-Alarm or False Alarm?

Bryan Baldwin, California Department of Justice

Selection in a Changing World: What Will We Be Doing and Who Will Be Doing It?

Bryan Baldwin, California Department of Justice

The U.S. Department of Labor’s new take on adverse impact: Using the Mantel-Haenszel Statistic and Logistic Regression to analyze adverse impact in your hiring and testing practices

Dan Biddle, Ph.D, CEO, Biddle Consulting Group

Performance-Based Hiring – Are You Flipping a Coin for Talent?

Dr. Maynard Brusman

Background Checks and Social Networking Sites: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Jared Callahan, PI, Employment Screening Resources (ESR)

Assessing Leadership Competencies in Public Service

William Chiat, Organization and Employee Development Specialist and Consultant

Freedom from the Ties that Bind (Being Sued Can Be a Good Thing)

Karen Coffee, IPMA-CP, California Prison Health Care Services

The Building Blocks of Biodata

Lisa M. Kobe Cross, Ph.D., CPS Human Resource Services

Paige v. CHP

Michael Davis, Assistant Chief, California Highway Patrol Personnel Management Division.

Current trends in online self-certified assessments: Tradeoffs between validity and expediency

Joe Doane, California Department of Justice

The Development and Validation of Job Simulation Exercises

Michael R. Donnoe, Donnoe and Associates

Rater Training in Assessment Centers, Oral Exams and Performance Tests

Michael R. Donnoe, Donnoe and Associates

Using Personality Testing for High Performance Selection, Placement, and Promotion

John H. Eggers, Ph.D., CEO & Founder of Proclivity LLD

The Dynamics of Panel Consensus Discussions

Debra Ford, Portland State University

Online Testing: An Investigation into Online Testing Applications in the Public Sector

Howard Fortson, Jason Schaefer, and Clinton Kelly, CPS Human Resource Services

Polishing the Basics of Sound Testing and Selection: A Look at the State of the Profession and Best Practices

Dr. Howard Fortson, CPS Human Resource Services and Dr. Chris Wright, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University

Catching Up With the Times: Who is an “Internet Applicant” and Why Do We Need to Know

Ines Vargas Fraenkel, Lead Attorney, San Francisco Office of Citizen Complaints

Competency Modeling at Los Angeles Unified School District

Rod Freudenberg, Ph.D., Assistant Director Personnel Services, Los Angeles Unified School District

Electronic Tools for Job Analysis Surveys

Carol Gagnon, Contractors State License Board

Successful Employment Branding & Recruitment Advertising

Andrew Gardiner, ADVANCE Recruitment Solutions (ARS)

Civil Service Reform Project

Philip Ginsburg, Director, Department of Human Resources, City and County of San Francisco

Survey Construction: Implementation and Interpretation (Lessons Learned)

Dr. Dale Glaser, Glaser Consulting

Will Competency Models Fit Your Organization?

Kathleen Grace, M.B.A., Grace Consulting

Cognitive Ability Testing: An Exploration of Background and Controversy

Kamilah Holloway, California State Personnel Board

Assessment/Testing for Supervisory and Management Jobs

Dennis Joiner, Dennis A. Joiner & Associates

Statistical Methods of Assessing Adverse Impact: Moving beyond the 80% Rule

Jeff Kane, Ph.D., Biddle Consulting Group

Work-Sample and Trainability Tests: Less adverse impact…but are they worth the cost?

Jim Kuthy, Biddle Consulting Group

Adverse Impact Analyses Done Right: Straight Talk for Practitioners

Shana Larrucea, MA, Biddle Consulting Group, Inc

Fostering Partnerships with Your Stakeholders to Hire and Retain the Best

Jeanne Makiney, Development Dimensions International

Training and Experience Evaluation Using the Behavioral Consistency Method

Aaron Morgan, City and County of San Francisco

Emotional Intelligence: Research on the Relevance for the Personnel Testing Field

Ryan Platt, California State Personnel Board

Utility of an Assessment Center for Promotion of Police Sergeants

Michael Potemra, PhD, Potemra Consulting

Merit Trumps Seniority – All in the Name of a Fair Selection Process

Elise S. Rose, Chief Counsel of the California State Personnel Board

Straight Talk and Practical Advice on the ADA and FEHA and their Impact on Hiring and Training

Shelley Spilberg, POST

The HR Modernization Project in California State Government

Michael Strazzo, California State Personnel Board

Developing a Winning Recruitment Program

Merle Switzer, Switzer Associates

Strategies for Preventing Protests and Appeals and Responding Effectively When They Occur

Bruce Topp, Ph.D., Manager of Police Examinations, Department of Human Resources, City and County of San Francisco

Validation of Employment Tests in the Public Sector

Bruce Topp, Ph.D., Manager of Police Examinations, Department of Human Resources, City and County of San Francisco

Differential Item Functioning: What is it? How to test for it? What to do with it and how that affects adverse impact

Heather Whiteman, Biddle Consulting Group

Situational Judgment Tests: A Testing Format That Is Almost Too Good To Be True!

Mike Willihnganz, County of Napa