Clinton Kelly, Ph.D. is currently a Principal Consultant with ioPredict, a consulting firm that specializes in test development and validation. He has more than 12 years of experience conducting job analyses and developing and validating examinations used for employee selection and licensure/certification for private and public sector organizations. His experience has included the design and administration of content validation studies including job analysis, criterion-related validation studies, test content development (e.g., written tests, performance tests, interviews, and non-cognitive assessments), writing technical reports, and performing specialized research related to test construction and validation. He has provided technical guidance to clients in test design, use, and analysis as well as conducted psychometric analyses to assess exam and item fairness and functioning. Clinton is also a lecturer at California State University, Sacramento and teaches undergraduate courses in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from California State University, Sacramento and a Doctorate in Applied Social Psychology from Brigham Young University.  Previous to ioPredict, Clinton held consulting positions at CPS-HR (5 years), PSI (4 years), and BCG (2 years).