WRIPAC would like to invite you to join us for our free meeting in Torrance, California on June 7-8th. There is no charge to attend WRIPAC meetings which consist of speakers on current topics and the opportunity to network with other public sector human resources professionals.  During the meeting, we have a  “roundtable”  discussion where participants bring questions to the group to get advice and benefit from the experience of our colleagues. We’re often told that this roundtable is the best part of the meeting.  We encourage attendees to come prepared to seek advice or share information regarding interesting or innovative initiatives from their agencies. Meetings are held 3 times a year, generally alternating between Northern and Southern California.

Guest speakers for our June meeting include Michael Hurwitz, Co-Founder/President for Careers in Government who will be talking about social media strategies for public agencies, and Sherri Adams, Risk Manager for Solano County who will be talking about taking a holistic approach to employee wellness programs.

We are also offering two optional pre-meeting pieces of training. (The early registration deadline is this Friday, so we encourage you to sign up now to lock in the discount!)

Map It! Process Mapping if your GPS for Organizational Innovation

Charting or mapping processes is a valuable skill individual and teams must learn if they are to continually learn, innovate, and improve the way they do things.

Using a fun and interactive approach, this hands-on course uses common, everyday activities as a basic for steering participants through a series of exercises, which will teach them to chart, understand, and improve work processes.  During his course, participants will collaborate in teams to:

  • Learn foundational concepts, terms, and symbols related to process mapping
  • Practice identifying essential aspects of a process, which includes mapping alternative paths and inspection points.
  • Discuss and practice ways to use process mapping to improve workflow
  • Discuss change management techniques that facilitate the people part of change.

Kandice Taylor-Sherwood

Workforce Planning:  An Approach to Addressing Tomorrow’s Challenges Today!

This course provides an introduction to Workforce Planning and integrates the principles of workforce planning into organizational efforts to mitigate the impact of the looming challenge for which many organizations need to prepare:  the huge talent and successor crisis that an aging workforce will bring in the next three to eight years.  Discussion and class exercises will review a variety of Workforce Planning strategies that cross a number of human resource functions, including recruitment, selection, and retention, classification, training and development, and performance management.  This course will explain the process of the workforce planning and how the results can be used to identify workforce needs, assess current workforce skills/competencies, and design strategies to mitigate any identified gaps.  This course is designed for individuals new to the world of workforce planning.

Shelley Langan

Early registration (by May 25, 2018)
$175/WRIPAC member or $225/non-members

Late Registration (after May 25, 2018)
$200/WRIPAC member or $250/non-members

PTC-NC Members get a $25.00 off with a PROMO CODE: PTCNC

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