(A poem by Mike Willihnganz, based on The Night Before Christmas by Henry Livingston)

‘Twas the night before the PTC luncheon, and all through the HR shop
HR analysts were scurrying, so assignments would not drop

Requisitions for recruitments, were flowing in like air
With so many tests to develop, there was little time to spare

The support staff was trying, its best to assist
So critical recruitment deadlines, would not be missed

On the top of the list, are requests for firefighters and cops
These hires are critical, so that public safety will not flop

The job analyses have been completed, with KSAs and tasks linked
The job bulletins have been written, and recruitment ads have been inked

It’s time to commence, with test planning and prep
It’s good that these are skills, at which test analysts are adept

Some meetings are scheduled, with department SMEs
We’re in the midst of the holidays, with little spare time they decree

The item analysis is reviewed, from the prior administration
It’s amazing to see, the size of the biserial correlations

Test items are edited, and new items drafted
Reading level should be monitored, as questions are crafted

The oral board must be scheduled, and panel members found
It’s important that the assessment of candidates be sound

And now as the application deadline draws near
The size of the candidate group, begins to appear

Test sites need be located, and the rooms we secure
So that candidates can select, the test time they prefer

The written test is administered, at multiple testing times
Test proctors report, that everything went just fine

And now it is time, to score the test papers
So results can be sent, to the written test takers

The item analysis is reviewed, and the pass point is set
Psychometric test requirements, have essentially been met

Passing candidates are scheduled, for the oral board component
The panel is convened, and provided with coffee and a doughnut

At last the process is completed, and eligible list created
The department should be pleased, given the time they have waited

The analyst is thrilled, for everything went just right
Thus it’s time to say Merry Christmas to PTC, and to all a good night!

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